Have you always wanted to own your own horse or pony but don’t want to commit to buying a horse just yet – then becoming a baiter may be the option for you. We have some super horses and ponies that are available to baiters as a half or full bait which could be used for hacking or competing. All baited horses have their own tack. Once the horse is baited, it is taken that the baiter will resume responsibility for the half / full costs of the horse as if it were their own horse. Baited horses must be stabled at Glen Austin Stables. Advantages of baiting:

• Set monthly cost
• Ride as often as your baiting option allows
• Free use of all the arenas and facilities
• Reduced lesson rates
• A great way to find out if you have the time for a horse

Click here for Baiting Prices

Please give us a call – we will be happy for you to pop in and meet us and our horses/ponies and to discuss your specific requirements.


Gray is a lovely pony that is full of fun and games! He needs a stronger rider as he can be stubborn but is a kind and willing pony that would be suitable as an all rounder.

Miss Bunti loves jumping! She would be ideal for a child or small junior/adult wanting to progress up the jumping ranks.

Mici is a fantastic first “horse”. He is calm and quiet and is a real school master! He would suit any junior or adult rider wanting to do a bit of dressage and jumping.